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The Company for Economic Cooperation UAE - Israel is a Tel Aviv based company focused on creating a new era in the Middle East, by building a bridge for strong and productive economic and business cooperation between two powerful economic centers of the Middle East.

We believe that strong economic relationships based on mutual economic ties and interaction between people from Israel and UAE is one of the best ways to create peace.

We offer expert insights and vast experience in both Israeli and Emirati markets, providing us access to financial and business opportunities in a variety of sectors, including finance, communication, technology, energy, pharmaceuticals and health, cyber, real-estate, agriculture and tourism.

We, at the Company for Economic Cooperation UAE - Israel, use our knowledge and expertise to identify cross-sector international business opportunities and connect businesses and investors to relevant markets.

In doing so, we provide all parties access to unique business and financial opportunities that will help bridge economic ties and form connections to promote economic growth in the region.

Want to get started? Contact the Company for Economic Cooperation UAE- Israel today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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